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Help identify NAPA/Moog/GM parts for replacement (rear suspension)


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I'm having difficulty identifying replacement parts for my rear suspension - gas shock mounting bolts (frame and mounting plate), as well as bushings for the leaf springs.. And tie rod ends.

Chevys of the 40's may have them but I may try and find a compatible Moog or Napa part...

I will dig out my parts book that came with the car to see if I can get the GM part numbers for this thread

Car: 37 Pontiac SilverStreak 224 (sister car of the Chevy Master 6)

Parts looking for:

leaf spring (2" wide) - bushings, eyelet sizes - ?.wide x 1.25" inside ( or 3cm, may be off a mm or so)... and 3" wide x just shy of 1" (2.2/2.3 cm) inside (pics attached). Unable to save the larger bushing, the smaller one pic attached. They are threaded and greased.



Tie rod ends... Looking up part numbers, need 4x L and R - pic attached

Looks like 1.5 mm thread, 2.5" thread length x 3/4 inch thread width..


Gas shock mount bolts.. The shocks I was able to replace thanks to this forum, I picked them up at PepBoys They are ACDelco shocks...They Measure 1.5 cm eyelet and is 1.5" wide.. For the bolt... The current ones on car look similar to the pic posted. The plan is to cut the old ones off and install new bolts.



As always, appreciate the help, I will search my book got GM numbers...

Part numbers in OEM Gm Part book..

Tie rod ends. Item 6.233 - GM Part Numbers | Left x2 - Part No 1314779 and Right x2 - Part No 1314778


Rear leaf spring bushing part numbers: (the leaf spring "could" have been modified?) as the bushing that came out was not threaded, but based on pic in book, it's a threaded shakle kit.


Item 7.503/504

GM Part No: 3690790 / 499533


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