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wanted 3x2 intake for 264 322 nailhead


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I have a 3X2 intake that was on a "supposed" 1958 Nailhead but has a hole drilled out for one bolt. Need till the weekend to dig it out and will send you a PM with a picture. 

Thanks Doug.

For some reason ,the couple that I have found  had the bolt holes inlarged to fit the wider 364 engines.

If you could measure the distance between the bolt holes ( across the manifold ) that will help 



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Was able to dig into the garage today and here is what I have:




I have the block it was on but is buried way behind the car so can't confirm the serial number to verify the year. I was told to me it was put on a 58 Buick, driven east from California and by the time it got here was running rough. When taken apart it was clear one of the carbs was set too lean and burned a piston.


Notice the enlongated holes. Is this normal for this intake? You be the judge.

post-80315-0-99072100-1436125617_thumb.j post-80315-0-99521900-1436125699_thumb.j post-80315-0-05333100-1436126042_thumb.j post-80315-0-35830500-1436126227_thumb.j

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The bolt hole were enlarged to fit a later engine. I think its for the 264 -322 .

I have an extra 4 barrel intake for a 56 322 , I'll check the measurements against that.

The ports don't look to be enlarged , so that is good .

Will send you a PM later tonight

Thanks for taking the time to dig it out for pictures.


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