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1938 Dodge correct fan belt PN ?

Guest allsteel

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For what it is worth, my 1970 era Gates Vintage Cars Fan Belts guide lists  both Dodge and Plymouth from '33 through '50 using the 660 belt. That number is, of course, obsolete.


I am running a Goodyear Hi-Miler 22949 on my '33 but I've heard of some other belts that people think fit well. 

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You would be better off to get the measurements from the 660 Gates belt and see if you can find a new replacement. You should be able to find a belt matching the width and height but it may vary a bit in length, which shouldn't be to big a problem because you can adjust the generator a little. Even the width, if it isn't too much wider would work, it just rides a little higher in the pulley. You want to use a fresh belt. Check with a good older parts store or a NAPA store. The newer stores will just give you funny looks! you might also try a tractor shop.

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Guest Bob Call

Rock Auto (rockauto.com) has belts in stock.  Size is 3/4 by 49.5 inch 38 deg angle.


Dayco #24490  $11.77

Gates #TR24489  $12.47

AC Delco #T24489  $17.86


You should be able to get these at NAPA, AutoZone, Advance, or Tractor Supply.  If not, just a couple of days shipping from Rock Auto.

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