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 Hello I would like to tell you about our 48 Ford Coupe.

    This car has been in my neighborhood as long as anyone (those older than myself) can remember.  The original owner lived down the street from me and I would go and study the car then go home and pick out items from the J.C. Whitney catalog for it.

   When the Man passed away in 1968, I was 14 Yrs. old and was convinced nobody else was interested in this old car and had my Aunt making inquires.  The car stayed in the family belonging to one sister until she passed and then to another sister, when she passed in 1970 a local undertaker got car, house, and who knows what else.

  We go now to the spring of 2010, the undertaker dies and his nephew who is my friend is also the executor of the estate and I got the 48 Ford i wanted so long ago.


   Once I got the car running, it hadn't been on the road for 7 years or so, it wasn't running on all eight, so doing some investigating revealed a valve guide retainer clip had come undone and 1/2 of the valve guide was free to move.  The original engine was bored .030" and has no wear, I think this car has 185,000 miles on it.


A friend built me an engine a 221 inch 1942 engine which ran fine for a summer and one day I think I actually heard the cylinder wall crack, so that engine came out and another was built.



The car now has a 265 c.i. engine with headers and an Isky cam, stock heads and carburetor for now


  I am in the process of modifying a stock intake to accept a Stromberg intended for a straight 8 Chrysler.



This thing is fun to drive and sounds great


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That's a great car with an awesome personal story behind it for you ... thank you for sharing!



Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

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Modified stock ford manifold to accept a Stromberg intended for a straight eight Chrysler.  

The Manifold was bored out to accept thin sleeves that have 1.4375 I.D.(to match the carb. I.D.) the manifold was heated in an oven, a household oven that was in a home, don't do this unless your wife is going to be away for weeks, to 500 F. and the sleeves were pushed into the intake.  The holes in the block for the carburetor preheat were tapped and pipe plugs installed. The engine has a 400 jr. track cam and pulls strong from around 45 to about 70 mph. about time I lift due to the bias-ply 16 inch light truck tires.  With the stock carbuetor there was enough vacuum that the wipers still operated with the bigger carburetor no. I bought a 6 volt electric wiper mtr. but have not installed it yet.


ford engine.jpg

48 ford modified intake manifold.jpg

stromberg two barrel on ford.jpg

ford with bigger stromberg.jpg

ford aircleaner.jpg

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