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bought a 32


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Thanks for the info


the drivers door out side handle is not working and i need to see why


does any one know how the inside window crank and inside latch come off 


i need them off to see what is broken 

and hopefully repair 




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The handles are a bit tricky to get off.  There is a small notch in line with the handle. inside the handle is a small spring loaded plunger.You need to have a small 90 degree hook tool that will fit into the notch.  Slide the tool in and then pull outward to depress the plunger .  The handle can then be pulled off the spline.  Pictures were posted on a previous topic to show the handle removed from the car.


Bob Engle 

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Hello from another 1932 Buick 67 S owner.  You need to contact Mac Blair who is the "32 Guru" and the recognized expert on all models of 1932 Buick.  He has had many of them and has several rare ones in his collection.  He has a stock of used parts and hundreds of new ones he had made and sells.  His email is buick32@comcast.net.  If you google Mac Blair 32 Buick Registry you may find his phone number.  My car has many parts from Mac that he supplied during the restoration,


Good luck and happy to help with info if needed.




1932 Buick Registry
McClellan G Blair
3000 Warren Rd
Indiana, PA 15701





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I have a rather rough '32 50 series front bumper.  Not sure if it is same size, mine measures 63", end to end around the curve.  As I said, it is rough, but all there.  I may be able to get  it to Hershey in the fall.  Let me know and we can discuss by PM, or email.   If you speak to Mac Blair, he should be able to tell if the 50 and 60  series are the same size.



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The 60 series bumpers are unique to that series.  80 and 90 series are the same.  Front and rear bumpers are different in each of the series also.  Wolverine Bumper Co. was the supplier of bumpers in 1932.  The other hardware End caps. center clamps, bolts and washers are common to all series.  50 series bumpers are 3 3/4" high, all others are 4" high.  The wolverine parts catalog does not list lengths. 


Bob Engle

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