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Recap of St Louis Nationals?


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Well, a brief synopsis is that I thought it went quite well. Don't know anything about the judging as I was in for show only. I didn't hear any negative comments or compaints about judging - or anything else really. There was some confusion on the route for the Reatta Rendezvous and suppose maybe a couple of people got steamed up over that, but again I personally heard no real complaining. I think there were 25-26 Reattas present, not all were on the show field at any one time so I may have missed or double counted a couple.

A good turnout at any rate. Weather was decent (hot/humid but not unbearably so) though we did get washed out late Saturday after the official show and judging period had ended at 3pm. Storms rolled in after 4 pm in waves. I should point out I did not stay for the awards banquet so have nothing to report on that.

Adding pics from my phone is a bit cumbersome so that will have to wait until I am working from the desktop.


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Haha. Actually it was in Springfield, which is 3.5 hours southwesterly of St. Louis (or 2.5 hours the way I drive it) so I brought one car, the good 88. The 'vert was not nearly ready in time so had to abandon that idea. The 91 coupe has an A/C leak I've still not nailed down and the scrub 88 is, well, rough around the edges so not show-worthy. I didn't enter for judging as there are enough "non-correct" things on the car it would not have placed against the other cars there with Delco batteries and grey valve caps (chuckle).

I had a good time, even got to enjoy the company of the local roller derby girls when I was pressed into driving the golf cart with bottled water for show-goers. They handed out the water while I drove. It was an entertaining 3 hours for me and I got to see all the cars from the shaded comfort of the cart. Since I picked up a sunburn on Friday it was nice to be under the roof of the Cushman cart most of Saturday afternoon.

The best part was finally meeting many of the usual suspects and having faces to put with the names. I also picked up some very nice parts (and dropped some serious coin) to finish up my 'vert and some other odds and ends.


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We returned home today around 2 PM.... stopped at a cousin's place down by Branson,  then on to Bentonville AK to see the Crystal Bridges Art Museum.


We judged 12 Reattas (6 in 1988-1990) and 6 1991's there were 2 other Reattas that chose to go into the Archival Class.   

The highest total could I heard anyone come up with was 24.   We did have 3 1990 Select Sixtys.


I was one of the ones that had problems with the Rendezvous.... however I got my moneys worth as I did most of the drive twice.


Very little Reatta related items available from vendors.   I had some parts that people had ask me to bring and Marck and Jim may have also brought some.  

Great to see everyone again and now we plan for Allentown in 2016.

Look on the Buick General site for more details on the total attendance and total number of cars.   


I failed to mention there was a vendor (Jack Jones from Indianapolis) with a Pewter Reatta for sale,  I think the asking price was $700

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Jack [the guy with the Pewter Reatta] told me and Kevin [kdirk] that he would take $600.00. I got him down to $600.00 and two front rotors, but told him I would think about it and let him know Sat. I had a bunch of money from selling parts, but decided not to buy.

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Guest HessLakeGuy

Nice to see everyone, and nice to meet you Kevin.

We just got home this afternoon. Went to the WalMart Museum and Chrystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas, then onto the Lincolm Museum in Springfield, Illinois. Drove over 2,000 miles altogether.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings on Saturday, and to Kathy and Chuck for shopping for the birthday cake/card that ended our annual meeting. That was very nice of you.


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