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Where can I get vacuum for power brake booster?

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Converted front to disc brakes and I have a dual master cylinder with a brake booster on my '53 Super. I was wondering where I should/able to pull a vacuum line for the booster. Any suggestions/ideas?

Same outlet on the intake manifold that supplies to the fuel pump.  On factory power brake cars there is a 'T' at that location:  one side is 1/4' to the fuel pump; the other is 1/2" to the pb unit.  Get the parts from a parts car for a clean installation.


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Sorry for the delayed response, Lamar. Our AC went out earlier this week and we've been scrambling around making sure the dogs and cats are okay. I'll trade you that Tee fitting for a Fat Tire, those nailhead valves and some hanging out time. I work at home now so I'm pretty flexible.

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