1928 Dodge Brothers Fast Four speedster project PRICE LOWERED

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We need the garage space, MUST SELL! PRICE LOWERED!

We have a 1928 Dodge Brother Fast Four boat tail speedster project we'd like to sell. The car had been licensed, running and driving only a short time after it was built then the previous owner put a rod through the engine case. The car is disassembled.

HAVE PARTS PLUS EXTRAS-We bought the car with the disabled engine and knew it had some improvements to be made to the steering, brakes and suspension parts that the original builder adapted to the frame. WE HAVE 1927-1928 Dodge Parts for this-We just don't have the time nor space any more.

The car has a hand built track style boattail racer body (the builder is from Colorado but his name escapes me) and we have 2 additional Fast Four engines, extra transmissions clutches flywheels, have rear end with brakes and rods, pedals, original Dodge engine splash pans, stock steering column, etc, as well as original Dodge Brothers (most of what is needed) steering, suspension, a rear end assembly from a 1927 and mechanical brake components, 2 Dodge disc wheels, and a few other goodies. It has a custom folding windshield, been running a magneto, the spare tire is on a hinged mount over a compartment at the tail, has an original DB radiator in excellent condition, BONUS is a FatMan locking and folding wood steering wheel. We do not have a driveshaft. Fuel tank has a vintage, working gauge in the cap. The car is disassembled, small parts grouped and stored in our basement pantry. 

The car was on 6.5 X 18" Buffalo wire wheels 7 on 7", using adapters. They have been powder coated black, the lock rings are chrome and in rather nice condition and nearly new tires. Ironically these wheels fit 1929 Hudson LWB cars of which I happened to have at the time. 

We are asking $10500 for the project with the 5 Hudson wheels, nearly new tires/tubes and Dayton caps
Without the Hudson Wire Wheels asking $7750
Adorable pit bull not included ;-)


There is a bit to the backstory here, to be very brief-the fellow who originally built the car was a member of the VMCCA before I was (I was the first female President of the Utah Chapter) and I had gone to Jr High with his sons. He passed away before the car was road ready so another person I knew bought it, finished it, then put the rod through the case with no more than 1800-2000 miles on the car. I had the opportunity to drive it and ride on a VMCCA 2 day tour before it broke.


The car is in SLC, Utah, we can provide other photos and references from other car folks in the area. I can be reached at oldcargirl62@gmail.com   385-259-3260  Kelley C

Upon request, I could provide verifiable references from local car folks and am happy to show the car to a person a buyer would like to send for inspection.










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You would have a good audience in Sept. at Bonneville. Park at the Nugget and wait.  I rode in a similar speedster, it had quite impressive performance.

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There is a shop in Montana who brings down Fast Four racers to Bonneville, nice guys. If the car was assembled and didn't have spare engines, trans etc and I had a truck and trailer and time to sit in Wendover..............I'd be over watching the action!

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