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1948 Chrysler Traveler water pump and fuel pump questions


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Still working on the Traveler. 

I am going to pull the radiator and replace all of the hoses. I figure while I have the radiator pulled I should either rebuild or replace the water pump.

I have been looking at what my options are for water pumps. I have not found a "rebuild" kit for it. On Ebay I see quite a few Gates 42554 pumps and Napa shows a TFW 42554 pump. The pictures of them do not show that they have the bypass port for the heater hose. Anyone know if these are the correct pumps or can steer me in the right direction for a pump or a rebuild kit.


I believe that my fuel pump is probably up to the task of pumping fuel for the moment but for how long I don't know. Is there a good source for a rebuild kit or do I need to buy a complete unit.




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Then and Now Automotive did an excellent job rebuilding my fuel pump and I'm sure they do water pumps too. They built a new fuel pump for my 1930 Chrysler. Look up their web site, good people to work with.

+1 for Then and Now. At least for fuel pumps they also sell the kits and you can rebuild them yourself.


As long as you have the water pump off you might want to pull the water distribution tube out and inspect it. Often they are clogged or corroded which will lead to overheating problems and possibly burning the valves at the back of the block.

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