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1916-19i7 Hupmobile?


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Over on the What-is-It forum this unknown auto was identified as a 1916-1917 Hupmobile. If correct, is there any other information available? The top, for example, appears to be an after-market item.


The photo was taken in Valby, Sweden. The young lady behind the wheel, Siv Lindgren, was born in 1918. Today her daughter, Agneta Skafvenhjelm, wants to learn what she can about the car.



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G,day Huppers. May I suggest that the Hup pictured is neither a 16 nor a 17 model N but rather a 1915 Model K.  Model N fitted the battery under the  front seat on the right hand side in a newly designed box that protruded down thru the floor. On this picture the box is on the running board. The body style appears to be an all weather  touring but as I can bring up only one picture I am unable to see the windscreen posts which are bolted to the sides on a K  rather than fitted through the top of the cowl as in the N  Also the K have no front splash apron below the radiator. Other than many mechanical changes the K is so much like the N but very different to the 32 that it supercedes.

I know of one surviver in Australia under restoration and another in New Zealand ,a rare Hupmobile only manufactured for part of 1915 and perhaps a few at the end of 1914. Max Burke Nulkaba 2325 Australia

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