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1910 Sears Highwheeler

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Hi All Sears Highwheeler owners


I am having trouble in OZ finding suitable replacement fan bearings

Are origional fan bearings still avalable and from where

What have other owners replaced their bearings with, part numbers ect


I need pics and information on horn mounting bracket or is there a reproduction


Also what material was used on the top


Thank you for any help, greatly appreciated


Regards Dave


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Guest EMF-Owner

Can't help you with the Fan Bearings. Never known anyone who had to replace them.


The Horn Mounting bracket had been reproduced at one time, I think by the guy at Veteran auto Lamps

http://www.veteranautolamps.com/ . You could check to see if he has any left. This was several years ago.


The tops where likely just buggy tops, so any material suitable for a horse buggy top would be correct. They were likely made in the Hercules Buggy works in Evansville, IN, USA.


I hope this helps.  



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Top material was probably a Pantasote, which is not available today.  There are replicated Pantasote-type materials, but basically they look like vinyl (which they, basically, are!).  There's a nice "old grain" top material available from Eric Haartz, contact him at the Haartz Corporation for samples, I just bought some for a project I'm working on and it has a nice appearance.

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