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1951 Buick Special model 46s


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Nice original paint 2 door Buick. The car has been sitting for over 30 years out in Lancaster Ca. Hopefully one day I'll have her back on the road. I've been trying to do as much research on the car and try and wrap my head around as to what I got myself into. :D This is the first time working on this type of car, I'm usually working on old VW's B)






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Also any info on these would be much appreciated. I've been trying to search but no luck.  The engine and trans are out of the car and I'm not sure what else is missing or if they fit. The throw out arm doesn't look like the one from the manual but was installed anyways. Thanks in advance!




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I can't find your post in the intro thread (on mobile at the moment), so maybe you said more there. There are several postwar straight 8 threads in this forum that may have some info/ideas that may help. Do you have the engine / trans for the car? There was one of these 2-doors with the short side trim on the buy/sell forum a while back. There weren't many of them made. Looks like you have most of it other than the rear bumper?

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Do you have a shop manual yet? Would be a good idea to get one as soon as you can, I believe that there are reprints availble. Also, harder to find, is a parts book, which might help you as well.

The car looks like it has good possibilities.

That is the clutch fork and release bearing, and there were different styles used over time.

Do you have any info as to what condition the engine and trans are in?

Your car is certainly rather rare, I don't think I've ever seen one, except in illustrations and pictures.

Keep us posted!


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That is a neat car, and I love that body style!  I am not good on searching the forums but isn't this the body style Pete said was exceptionally rare for a Buick?  Can't help on the clutch set up questions, but I was wondering what other questions you had, in case we could fill in some blanks for you.


Meanwhile, good luck on bringing her back.  If you don't repaint it, then that would make the fourth one I remember on these forums with a similar paint scheme. 

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Looking at this again - the front chrome looks like it will clean up really nice.  Those fender "venti-ports" are available repro when you get to the point of refilling those holes (check prices - don't spend a whole lot on used of these - the new are about $36 each).  Many copies of the '51 shop manual are on ebay all the time.  If you don't put a premium on condition, I've seen them from $10-20.


The parts book - I got a reprint for about $100.  It's worth it if you're having to collect many parts (if you want to know that they're correct for your car).  I just checked, and the reprint is NOT on ebay right now.  I believe I got it from faxonautolit.  It's 2 books in one - the chassis book and the body parts book.


If it's now sold separately, or originals are reasonably priced, the books are:

Buick Master Body Parts Book 1928 to 1954, effective January 1, 1955 and

Buick Master Chassis & Body Parts Book 1928 to 1954, effective January 1, 1955.


These books, though they say from 1928 "inclusive" actually are focused on 1949-1954, which is where most all of the crossover will be for the '51.

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