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1932 Lincoln KB


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Hello!<P>I have a question. Many years ago my grandfather owned a 1932 Lincoln KB rumble seat coupe. It had a V-12 engine and a body by Dietrich. It was maroon with black fenders and had dual side mounts and cream wire wheels. It was one of the most beautiful cars he ever owned. I remember riding with my grandmother in the rumble seat every July 4 waving my little flag during the parade. He sold the car, because he said it was too hard to steer. To this day I can close my eyes and visualize every detail of that fine automobile.<P>Does anyone know where this car is today? I am sure it is still around. Grandpa thinks it may be in a museum in California. I would like to see it again some day. This may sound crazy, but I miss it. <P>Thanks!<P>Lisle Kauffman<BR>Illinois Region & Topeka Region, AACA<p>[This message has been edited by Lisle (edited 03-09-2000).]

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