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What is it from Wash DC, 1941

Peter Gariepy

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I was emailed this:


"Attached is a photo, again of my mother, in front of a car in which she and my father were taking a guided tour of Washington, DC in 1941.  It is labeled "a."  A second photo, labeled "b," appears to be an interior shot of the car.  I was wondering what the make of the car was, whether indeed "b" is an interior shot of the same car and...what in hell is that device on the interior of the door that looks like a pipe or a small telescope?

Believe it or not, I have the "Gray Line Sightseeing Tour Booklet" that my parents used.  In the booklet, there are words that indicate that the tours are conducted in "Packard Limousines and 1941 Buick Sedans."  So that probably narrows the field of what the car is in the photo."





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