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1949 Buick Super Brake Master Cylinder refill?

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Hello guys!  Please bear with me, this is my first project, and while I have some basic automotive knowledge, I need help.  


I have tried to get the brake master cylinder off the frame to rebuild, but those bolts are tough.  I think I might try heat next.  I was going to check the fluid, as the previous owner said they were working, but how in the world is it possible to get a wrench in there to do that?


Also, where do I get a shop manual for this car?  


Thank you guys!

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The best place to get your wheel cylinders and master cylinder resleeved (with 304 stainless steel tubing) is;


Karp's Power brake

66 North central Ave.

Upland, California  (just east of Ontario)



You must talk directly with Ron Karp

Ph 909-985-0800


I've been there and toured the shop, and I would highly recommend them.

The brakes on my '40 now work fine..............


Mike in Colorado

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