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67 Riviera - 57k miles - $14k on CL


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A very nice, original, example of a '67 Riviera - a shame the 'A' pillar is rusted out !

A lot of 2nd generation Rivs suffer from the same affliction to varying degrees - especially vinyl top cars.

Moisture gets trapped inside the bare steel 'A' pillar, and has no where to go. 

A simple drain hole outlet in the bottom of the pillar, from the factory, could have reduced potential rust problems in this area !

Not too crazy about that Nascar style exhaust either? :unsure:

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Just going by my '68 Tom, and those are 2nd gen. factory shoulder belts. In '68, and maybe '67, they had special clips along the inner roof rail molding to keep them tucked up, out of the way, when not in use. The headliner was black with a black interior car. Not sure if that particular color was Riviera exclusive, but it was a '67 Buick color. I remember almost buying a '67 Wildcat with this color - 

. . . shoulda, woulda, coulda !! :rolleyes:  

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