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heading to Springfield thursday morning......


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                 I'll be heading to the BCA nationals on Thursday and I plan to take pictures of all the Rivieras

at the meet and will post them when I return. I'm looking forward to meeting Gordon Wolfgang and seeing his beautiful low mileage black 65. Counting my car there are currently 3  65 rivieras signed up for the meet......don't know about the other year model Rivs.....hoping for a great Riviera turnout!

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I know that Linda and myself and another couple (none of us are BCA members) are visiting on Saturday just to look at the cars.  Perhaps we'll run into you others.  



         Look me up Ed....I should be sitting next to my Riviera most of the time while the show is going on...

looking forward to meeting you Saturday...Winston

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                 I just got back from Springfield and I had a great time at the BCA nats. I got

to meet Gordon Wolfgang, Ed  Raner and Dick Sweeney, who was the head judge on the team

judging the Riviera class. I mainly went there to have fun, not to win any awards, as I'm still working

on my car with quite a few things I'd like to do to it yet. I entered  the 400 point judging to see what issues

the BCA could find with my car. That will give me a list of improvements to make. I knew going in that I was

going to get walloped on my tires. 4 points off for redlines, four points off for radials, and 4 points off for my steel valve stems.

Also my undercarriage is completely untouched, I've never even washed it underneath yet. Basically the undercarriage looks like

the untouched undercarriage of a 57,000 mile car. I figure I got a lot of points deducted for not having a detailed undercarriage,

and that added to the 12 points on my tires and I'm starting out in a hole. At the awards banquet, I got a Silver Award, so that

probably means that up top they didn't find much wrong, although I'll have to send off for my judging sheet in order to see

what they docked me for. Dick Sweeney knows 65 rivieras like the back of his hand, having owned them for 50 years, so I

doubt he would miss anything wrong on my car. I look forward to reading what the judging sheet has to say. That being said, I like

my redline radials so they aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but I think if I fix everything  else, I can still score a gold award at some point. All in all it was a great experience. I'm looking forward to my first ROA convention....... The next time they have it in the 

southern region of the US I'll be there! I took pics of all the Rivieras in attendance and I'll post them here soon, along with a group     

picture of me, Gordon, and Ed.

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