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80th anniversary book

bob duffer

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Copied from an earlier post


Got a "Important Notice" mailing card today regarding an AACA 80th Annv album with the request to call 800-598-4395 to "verify" my information.  Is this legit??


Says it is from the Publication Office out of Chesapeake VA.

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Yes indeed - a publishing firm here in Chesapeake that specializes in preparing directories, yearbooks, etc. They did a great job last time and we're looking forward to this one too. Just updated my profile over the weekend.   Best part is they are really enthusiastic about what they do.  last time our local region (Tidewater) took some cars over for them to enjoy and we all had a great time.  Supporting this is great for AACA.


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Sorry guys, I did not mean to start another discussion about it being legit. He seemed to know it was ok so  I just copied it so he would have the phone number. Should have just printed the number instead of the whole post I guess.

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