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American orphan car list suggestions

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Sure would be easier and a much shorter list to show the cars not eligible!

Why not just buy a copy of The Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1805-1942, VOL 1 from Old Cars Weekly and get 3 or 4 Post-It-Notes to bookmark the companies that are still in business. If you feel that corporate sub-categories like Lincoln, Buick and Dodge are really separate companies; and that Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Hummer, AMC, Mercury, Edsel, etc. still exist but are just folded into the the corporate stewpot, then go ahead and get 10 or 20 more Post-It-Notes. 


Then the scoreboard will read:


Companies Still In Business: .........25 (a very charitable, and wild, guess)

Orphans: ..................................5,450 (consult Kimes, Clark, The Standard Catalog, for the exact number)

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