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Early 1900's Continental TH Engine

Guest tigerjoemichiels

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Guest tigerjoemichiels

For Sale, early 1900's Continental TH engine, No. 3092-K, 4 CYL, 30 HP?, in crate from Bill Harrah's Automobile Collection in Reno, Nevada.

Price $6,000.00 offers welcome, Ph: 530=246-4933, email: tigermichiels@gmail.com










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Guest tigerjoemichiels

Howdy AAC, correction on engine, it's an early L-Head, not T-Head. My T-Head has been sold. Tiger

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Is there a tag on that engine showing "TH" and/or b/s??

I find no "TH" on my Cont'l list (not that I pretend it's anywhere near complete, or probably ever could be, Cont'l being innovative, to say the least, with designationa)...

A 1917 Burd ring catalog, seemingly fairly comprehensive, lists over 50 engines/variations, including:

(1) Two "T" engines, 5 and 51/4 bores...

(2) An "H" as a 43/4 bore

(3) I seem to recall at least an occasional older Cont'l designation with a/an/the number first and then the engine model, in which case it might designate a "K", listed as 41/4 bore...

Various other catalogs, up to 1930, a couple seemingly fairly comprehensive, one listing over 100 engines/variations, list no "TH"...

Unfortunately, these catalogs don't show stroke, years intoduced or valve location/type...

Any enlightenment would be appreciated; many thxx!!   Bud


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Guest tigerjoemichiels

Howdy Bud,

My first mistake was I listed this as a TH "T-Head" engine.

It is aContinental L-Head engine, number 3092-K.

I sold my T-Head engine.

I have another Continental engine, number 14793 F4. The tag reads "Date: 4-1/2" could that mean 1904-1/2? Will be listing it soon.


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I believe the "41/2"on 14793 is the bore, not a date code...

I think---repeat, THINK---that 3092 is a a Cont'l "K" 41/8 bore, ASSUMING it's tag is similar to your other Cont'l (14793 F4)...if so, it will probably have 41/8 stamped in the "date" space on the tag...

Would you also examine that tag on 14793 carefully, to see if it could be an "E" poorly struck rather than an "F"??? I have an "F", but it's shown as 41/8, not the 41/2 on the pictured tag....there is an "E/E4" (both, if actually two engines--see note following) listed as 41/2 bore, which leads me to think---repeat, THINK---14793 is an" E", aka" E4"...

NOTE: Some Cont'l designations, on the early single-letter engines, added "4", apparently to designate "4 cyl", such as the "E" sometimes being stamped "E4"...

NOTE: a 1930 catalog lists the E4 engine as "solid head", no removeable cylinder heads

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