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F/S 1920 Gardner

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Craig's List ads expire quickly, so here's the

text of the ad for future reference.  Cars of this

era are very much overlooked today, but for

those who appreciate this era, $20,000 for a

"completely restored" car sounds good!


"1920 Gardner Touring Car for sale
Completely restored with new convertible top
Very rare
Please call Jim Mon-Fri 8am-5pm @815-232-3516
No solicitors please."

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John, I've always enjoyed browsing classifieds ads. Sometimes on a sleepless night I'll just go to Craigslist and search what's available in the way of vintage cars within a days drive of my home in Minneapolis. I'm not crazy enough to search every small town and locality, but I will check in on various cities and larger towns within that vaguely defined area. For example, I often see what's for sale in Chicago (a 5 1/2 hr drive), Milwaukee, Omaha, Des Moines and Fargo. I go to a site, like Chicago, click on "For Sale", then go to the left hand column, deselect "all", and click on "Cars and Trucks" and "Auto Parts". After that I simply enter a year or two into the search field. On occasion, I'll simply start my search at "1920", and then simply backspace the last number to change the search to "1921", etc up to 1940, which is sort where my interest ends. As you can imagine, there isn't ever much in the way of specific years on these searches -- even in a large city like Chicago. So, beneath the listings for "Chicago", Craigslist includes listings for neighboring areas such as (in this case) Rockford. That's how I came across this Gardner. I do this just for the sake of passing time in an interesting and enjoyable manner, but I've acquired some reasonably priced treasures in this way, also. I am mindful of how difficult and discouraging ebay has become for sellers, particularly those who only use it once in a while. I've long been aware that there has been substantial increase in the number and type of cars and parts on local Craigslists that really should be getting some sort of national exposure, but simply aren't. I've come to beleive that sellers are often settling for their local Craigslist because of all of the hassle of dealing with ebay. I fear that as a result, some rare or desirable cars are not getting the exposure that they deserve and are just all that more likely to fall into the hands of those who will street rod anything if given the chance. That is why I often post some of these on the AACA site. I don't have any specific permission from anyone to do so, but no one has complained, except for the occasions when I offend some of the many street or rat rodders who frequent this site. They don't seem to take to kindly to being called the "crate engine crowd". I'll offer another small example of my efforts. Here is a link to a '29 Desoto coupe that I just posted at the same time as this Gardner:




It's a wonderful car that deserves to be restored, but at it's current price will likely end up being street rodded. I'm not on a vendetta and it's not a one man campaign, I simply would love to think that maybe my occasional small efforts might result in a nice car falling into the hands of someone who will restore it, rather than rod it.

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Hudsy Wudsy


I use Google to search all craigslist ads nationwide at one time.


I start my search string with "site:craigslist.org" which limits the Google searches to just the craigslist site.

Then add your search terms (say Gardner) and run the Google search.

After the search runs I then select the "Search Tools" option and set the displayed results to the "past month" selection which helps to display most recent and active ads.

I then enhance my search string by using "and" and "or" advanced search terms which results in a fairly targeted nationwide craigslist search.

Once I get a search string the way I like it I either create a shortcut favorite for this search string in my browser or copy and paste this search string into a Word or Excel file for future use. - Bob

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Thank you all for your kind responses. VWLFAN, I'm not savvy enough too have ever figured out your brilliant approach on my own. I thank you very much for sharing that with us. I look forward to employing your technique! Likewise, Steve-V, I hadn't heard of "adhuntr.com". It's nice to have new tools!

James Sheehan

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You can also select "Cars and Parts" from the main page and you will see a page where you can select "All Cars and Parts", "Dealer Only" or "Owner Only". Clicking on one of those brings up the normal search page with a left hand column which includes many choices to narrow down your search. One of those searches is by year with both min and max. You can search for "1900 - 1920", "1928-1931", or any other year span you want. Don;t narrow it down too much or you will lose some of what you are looking for.

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Hudsy Wudsy, your Gardner listing was more helpful

than you realized.  One fellow I know maintains the

Gardner car registry, and I called him to tell him of this

car for sale.


I figured he knew all about it, its location, and its for-sale

status, since there aren't that many Gardner cars.

But he didn't even know this car existed!  

This is the first year Gardner made a car.  

He added it to his registry.

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I recently purchased a 1927 Gardner Imperial Sedan that has been refreshed and should be ready for show and the road within the month.  I found out about the car through the Gardner web site, which is a great site. The fellow who is refreshing the car did the original restoration.  I attached a pic from when I purchased the car and a group of photos from the original restoration. The director of the website/Gardner Club (Bob) found the original restorer, later met me at his shop and even brought along 1927 Gardner headlights and the appropriate Gardner Griffon mascot (among other goodies).  Bob's a great guy who has been invaluable to this process and the marque as a whole. 




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