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Another facet of the old car hobby

Guest BigDogDaddy

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Guest BigDogDaddy

I was at a local car show today. This show has a great mix of cars, especially a nice turnout of Pre - War cars. I met two young ladies who were probably in their 20s. They had digital SLR cameras and they were excitedly running from one car to the next snapping lots of pictures of each car. I noticed that they were not taking the usual pictures of the cars themselves, but were taking the pics at odd angles and extremely close up. So I asked one of the girls what she was seeing that she wanted to take a picture of. She explained that she was taking pictures of the shapes, colors and reflections on the cars. While we were talking her friend joined in the conversation. They said that they had a friend who was teaching them about photography and also how to look at subjects artistically. They said that when their friend had suggested that they go to an old car show to take pictures, the girls did not want to go because they didn't like cars. He convinced them and they are glad that he did. They were blown away by all of shapes, angles and reflections to be found on the cars. They exclaimed that they absolutely loved these cars, and no longer thought of them as boring old cars. I shared my story of when I used my 1940 Buick for my brother's wedding and the wedding photographer had been taking pictures of the bride and groom with the car. And when there was a break in the action. He looked at the front of my Buick and turned his camera sideways and looked through the lens as he pointed it up close between the driver's side headlight and the hood looking towards the fender mounted, covered spare tire. I should have asked him what it was that he saw. I knew he took that picture just for himself. 

I met their teacher friend too. He has always liked the old cars and that is how he knew they were great subjects for photographs whether of the entire car itself as a car or from an artistic point of view. 

I can't help but wonder that since these young ladies absolutely love these old cars as they exclaimed, if maybe one day they might want one of thier own.

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I have a side line of driving a livery service's antique cars for weddings

The professional photographers love the old cars.

Their work is our best advertising. 


The cars in the livery are ;

1930 Ford sedan

1931 Ford sedan

1936 Packard 200-B

1939 Rolls Royce Wraith formal saloon (aluminium body)

1940 Packard 110 sedan

1952 Bentley standard saloon (steel body)

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Glad the young ladies seem to be taken to the older cars via photography.


I absolutely LOVE taking different angles of cars ... or reflections ... or both ... kinda like this one I took a few years ago now:




Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

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