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1938 Desoto Clock For Sale Excellent Rare!


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On 6/7/2015 at 8:15 PM, jcs2001 said:

attached is a picture of the clock





Hello from Brantford ontario canada! I recently purchased a 38 Desoto and I was surfing the web looking for options that this car would have come with, I really like this clock as it goes with the style of the car, Would you happen to still have this? Also is it a wound up does it run off of the electrical system?


my email is tyler.attendance@gmail.com

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Can you please call me?  I paid over $400 for this clock on eBay and it has NEVER worked properly.  I have been messaging you back and forth for FOUR YEARS and you either take months and months to reply or your wife says she has not been monitoring the eBay messages or you keep coming up with other excuses.  I need this clock to work please - it's a very simple fair request.  My number is 310-430-0555.

1938 DeSoto Clock.jpg

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