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engine degreaser

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Scrape off thick grease with a putty knife and screwdriver. Get into the nooks and crannies. Brush in Gunk or other degreaser with a stiff brush. Pressure wash or steam clean. If you have steam you can skip the degreaser.


For cleaning inside the garage I use one of these cheap sprayers




I use a 2 liter pop bottle of hot water. Put a piece of cardboard under the engine, covered with a scrap of old carpet. It makes hardly any mess and the carpet catches the drips.


If you are working outside over dirt you can use a real pressure washer full blast. It will work better if you can connect the hose to the hot water supply.


This is too obvious but you should protect the carburetor, generator, distributor from the pressure blast. With the low pressure sprayer it doesn't matter so much.

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