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for sale 1965 Wildcat convert upholstery


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For a 65 Cat custom with fold down arm rest, includes front and rear seats, doors, rear panel and rear arm rest, and rear boot. Color is white

Apprx 2 yds of new material is included

This was ordered from PUI , professionally installed, and the fellow who bought the car preferred the original black. The materials were in the car 2 months and professionally removed.


$500 for the kit. Can be delivered to Springfield

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I will take it if still available.  I'm not going to the BCA nat's, so would have to be shipped unless it can hitch a ride with someone headed back anywhere near Philly or Baltimore.

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Its available, as I believe Steve was needing materials for a bucket seat car. Ask around if someone can do that for you, and if so, Ill take it there. If not, when I get back Ill pack it.


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