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2015 BCA BOD Election Results

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Here are the 2015 election results:


                Rick Schick                    617


                Brian Clark                      589


                John DeFiore                468


                Chip Aeppli                   425


                Bob Starzyk                 351


                Lance Basiorka               247



A total of 681 ballots were cast.  This compares with 2014 at 872 ballots and 2013 at 825 ballots.


Congrats to those elected and I hope those who were unsuccessful this year volunteer in the future as each in my personal opinion would be make excellent BOD members and represent the membership well.


As a reminder the newly elected BOD members are "sat" on the BOD at the conclusion of the BOD meeting Friday morning of the Springfield Meet. Keith Horsfall and I come off the BOD at that time therefore I'd also like to take a moment to thank Keith for his service to the club as our first Canadian BOD member (A fact I know Keith takes pride in). Keith served the membership well and help the club grow through his service not only on the BOD but with the Modified Division and in the BDE.  He will be missed.


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Congratulations to all, both the winners and those that did not make this one on the first attempt.


But like many, I am disappointed on the turn out by the voters.  We had the numbers going up, but again this is just a small fraction of members voting.  If we realy want to show some pride in our organization, lets set a goal for a record turn-out in 2016 for our 50th year. 



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The low percentage of voters may not be all bad.  Those who make the effort to learn about the candidates probably are more likely to choose the best.  Making people feel guilty or otherwise forcing participation could bring about poor choices.  I feel its their loss if they don't get the most out of the club.  

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Congratulations to all candidates,   If you did not get elected this time there is always next year.    I was not elected the first time I ran, keep trying.


Again we have disappointing numbers for the votes cast,  if the BCA is around 6000 members, only 10% voted.

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This was a hard one to pick. Everyone was a great candidate and would have done a great job. I congratulate Rick, Brian and John and hope Chip, Bob and Lance would consider running again in the future.

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Sorry guys, I am 1 of the none voters.

I recieved my ballot in the mail May 30th and it had to be in on June 1st.

I get the e-bugle.

Was there another way to vote ?

send me a PM with your name, BCA number, location, please. Thanks.

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