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1949 Buick Super 8 hood won't open.

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Hello gang!  I just bought myself a 1949 Buick Super project to build.  I'm really excited, but right off the bat I have a question.  The brakes aren't  working, so of course I'm going to change/rebuild the hydraulics.  However, the master cylinder doesn't seem to be under the driver side floor after I ripped the carpet out.  This leads to another problem; the hood cable was rigged by the previous owner, and when I pulled, it broke.  The passenger side still seems to be attached to the latch, but won't release.  How in the world do I get that thing open to see if the Master cylinder has been relocated?




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Try to get some vise-grip pliers clamped down on whatever is left of the cable, and pull on that.

On my '49 Super, the master cylinder is not under the driver's floor board, but rather, about 6-10 inches in front of the firewall, right behind the idler arm, mounted to the inside of the frame rail. It's not accessible from the driver's floor.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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Leonard, TX

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