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Republic truck

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Hi friends<P>I would like to learn more about the colors and the make of head lights and rear lamp (oil lamps) used on Model 20 Republic truck from 1920. Besides these all other information in greatly appreciated.<P>Sincerely<P>Juha Kaitanen<BR>juhakai@wakkanet.fi

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Trucks of the early '20s vintage most commonly were equipped with drum style steel acetylene headlights and Adlake "oil can" style side and ail lights. All of these lights were painted black from the lamp factory and I have never seen any evidence that a truck manufacturer changed the color. I have seen a few of these lights, at truck shows, that were painted body color but feel this was only due to lack of knowledge and an over zealous restorer. I have given lectures on the subject of early truck lights and have a fairly significant collection of literature on the subject so feel qualitied to answer this question. I also restore and resell truck lights (only truck lights!!!) so may have the lights appropriate for the 1920 Republic.

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