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Model T Oil Question

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Well, I finally have my 1915 Model T Runabout running after it had slept for many decades. Now that it actually runs my question is, what is the best oil type and grade to use in it. I am not up on oils but I am aware that zinc is gone from most oils. Where can one get oil that would have a zinc content for early cars? Any suggestions? Oh, what type of spark plugs is good for a driver? Thank you!

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Talk about a loaded question.......LOL

There isn't enough spring tension on the valves to concern yourself with a need for a zinc bearing oil or additive.

Opinions vary WIDELY on oil from the most exotic to the cheapest.

I used run-of-the-mill 5W30 in mine.

MY thinking behind that, and it's not only mine, is that the sooner oil gets to where it's supposed to go the better.

That and the fact the oil should be changed at rather frequent intervals makes it a waste, in my mind anyway, to use the best oils money can buy.

ANY oil now days is vastly superior to the stuff they had back then.

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Agreed !! Although my 1925 currently has a low detergent SAE30 monograde oil. The sort you put in lawnmowers. Just keep it filled and change regularly.The only form of oil filtration is regular changes !



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