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CList 1961 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible - $2750 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

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Clean up would be a breeze. For starters, you can sweep the leaves out quickly, right through the floorboards.

Also, it starts making you money the minute you start selling the mice under the back seat to your local mad scientist.

It's a no-brainer!



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Definitely seen better days.  I have one of these on my bucket list but I wouldn't even take it if it was given to me if I had to guarantee to restore it.  Driveable examples sell for 10-20.  Nice ones 20 and up.  This one to make driveable (we are not talking looking good) much less respectable would cost you over 10 if you did all the work yourself just for parts and had a few years with nothing to do.

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The body is not rusted to death on the outside (although the fender has been whacked and the door is having some serious issues) but the extensive use of pot metal and annodized trim would cost you as much as buying a nice driver just to have reconditioned. 

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