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  In the old version you could scroll the mouse over the topic and it would show  the start of the first sentence.  It helped with new topics in that you did not have to open the topic to get a 'flavor' as to what the author had to say.  You could then move on or open the topic.  This was a big help when DSL was running slow.  Now what you get is a repeat of the topic already visible and the date which is also visible.  Perhaps there is a way to change this in my controls, but I'm not aware of it.


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Actually hellerc if you hoover your mouse/pointer in about the middle of the page there appears a white arrow in a black circle that when clicked a pop up shows the first and last posts within the thread. At least it does on my computer. Nice feature.  Try it and report back

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  Well MrEarl, I never knew that was there and it's usefulness is yet to be discovered.  What I was referring to is the first sentence of a post in the thread.  I'm not sure I made that clear as I referred to the topic and not the post in the thread.  Again, You used to be able to hover over a post and read some of the first sentence to get the 'gist' of what the author was writing about.  Now all you get is a repeat of the topic and the date which is already visible without hovering.


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