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Lion Carbon Brushes


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I have a box of Lion Carbon Brushes # RX44.  Is there anyone out there with a catalog to provide applications for these parts.  The box is marked, however when I looked up in my Chevrolet parts book the dimensions are not correct.  Thanks !


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Guest mikeburch

aacalifer .............................

I have an old LION catalog, that seems to go up to 1935. It does not list a RX44, in the generator section but does list a RX43 and a RX43-C. It has a R44 listed, but they only thing it says is, "2 required". It might be an admendment to the R43, listed above, ???????

The R43 is mostly General Motors, with some Mopar listed, 1933-1935. They all say, "1 Required".

This Lion catalog has been a long time friend, as it has most of it's replacement parts, pictured, such as door handles, radiator caps and mechanical parts, etc.

The R44 brush is pictured.

Hope this helps, some,


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