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Software insits on splitting words at the end of each line

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I apologise if I am doing something wrong, Peter. I cannot touch-type, nor can I make time to learn. As you can see, the software insists on splitting each word that will not fit the space at the end of each line. It seems that this is designed by an ancient sub-continental typewriter. This is frustrating when I am concentrating on precise wording in a Private Message reply, particularly late at night when I am in sleep deficit. Regards, Ivan

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Guest Flyer1

It might have something to with word wrapping,only going on what happens on another forum that uses this software,it only seems to happen when more reply options are not used,this post was posted without using the more reply options just to see how it turns out ??

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Sorry to be ignorant, Peter: but is there an easy way to explain to me how to do that. It is a bit ambiguous, but I am sure you do not want me to dump this nice big Hitachi CM2111ME monitor somebody gave me.





Thats up to you. All computers are different ways of capturing their screen content. heck, you could just take a photo of the problem and email it to me if you want.

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If you're using a PC, to take a screenshot, press the Print Screen button. This will copy a screenshot to the internal clipboard.


Then open a blank document in, say, Word or some other word-processing software, and click in the document to set an insertion point.


The do Edit -> Paste (or CTL-V) and the image should appear in the document. Save the doc and email it to Peter.


I agree with the poster who indicated that this is most likely a word-wrap setting on your computer, especially (as you indicate) your test looks fine when posted here.

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