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2016 Buick Club of America 50th Anniversary Event

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Jeff, I think I speak for all of us here on the forum when I say "Great Job" of organizing this special BCA event. Especially in providing information to us here on the forum related to registration and all the events that were to take place, parking etc. Especially helpful was the updates on hotel locations and availability of rooms etc. I am sure your updateed information helped the many members here who attended. Hopefully it will set an example for organizers of upcoming years events to follow and they will use the forum again to help spread the word and answer questions.  Again, fine job and Thank You! default_buba.gif

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Let me echo the sentiments expressed by all the posters and thank Jeff, Mike, Nancy, Mr. Bulgari, Keith and all the volunteers who made this meet one to never forget. Only disappointment was that the rain gods chose to make their presence known on our special week; however, that will still not overshadow the great time had by all who attended.  I want to make a special shoutout to Dave Buckman (1952 Model 59). He was a driver of one of the many golf carts on the field. My wife has foot and ankle problems but Dave gave us and others an unhurried tour of the field for which we were very grateful. Good to see or run into Brian Depouli, Brian Clark, John Defiore, and Earl Beauchamp. Thanks again to all!

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Probably the best all around BCA meet I have attended......with at least 18 meets on that list.   Everyone from registration, parking, hospitality, and all the volunteers were so nice and helpful.    I would go back to Allentown in a minute.

Mr. Bulgari hospitality and staff were another reason it was such a remarkable meet. Seeing all his cars and facilities was a once in a lifetime event. 

I was unable to stay for the entire event because my wife (Nancy) was hospitalized in Indianapolis the day my brother and I left Indiana in the 1991 Reatta coupe that was once in the Bulgari collection.   I also want to thank everyone for signing the "Get Well" cards for Nancy and they put a smile on her face.   My brother and I arrived on Tuesday evening and at least had all day Wed and Thursday to take in the Buicks that had arrived.   We attended the Reatta Rendezvous on Thursday evening and hit the road back to Indianapolis early Friday.    Nancy is doing fine and with a little luck we will see all our Buick friends in Wisconsin in 2017

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Thanks for the wonderful notes. Very much appreciated.


We communicated, as we received information on what would take place. For some, it was not soon enough but wrong information is worse than no information.


As we rolled into the week, each night I/we sent an e-mail update to everyone that was working the event about what happened today; what would take place tomorrow.


We kept the Forum up to date.


Mike and Nancy kept the Registration Room up to date.


Bruce and Shar kept the Hospitality room up to date.


Thanks to our BCA Family; we hosted a great celebration staffed by wonderful volunteers.  I am grateful to and for all of you.

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To Pete and Cindy:


The 50th Anniversary Bugle edition is absolutely outstanding.  Kudos for this and all the work you do each month to keep us educated and informed on all things Buick.


A BIG thanks also to David Landow for writing and collating the history of the Buick Heritage Alliance; and funding its inclusion in this issue.


A terrific tribute to the Buick Club of America and all whom have made it great.

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