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Parting out 1938 Dodge D-8 Sedan

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I have a 1938 running Dodge D-8. I don't have a title so I'm parting it out. It's a complete car with new brakes, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, new glass. If I can't get rid of it this way it's going to the crusher. E-Mail is manheimbody@gmail.com




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Seems like you have just spent some $ on it.

I know that 'no title' is a hassle, but I would still give it a try before I crushed it.

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... man! I've got a 1937 Ply Coupe Field Car  with a Title that's just begging for something  like this and we are not that far apart I’m in Central NY; but darn it I just can’t swing it right now.

please don’t crush it. :o:) 

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