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Have You Seen These K&W Coils???


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Hello, I am looking for some spare K&W coils that fit a K&W Switch Box for a two cylinder engine.The photos show a K&W for the Model T (Dark) next to the K&W I am looking to find (Light). Upper left picture Shows that the Model T coil is 5/8" shorter, Upper right picture shows that the Model T coil is 1/8" wider, bottom picture shows that tops use similar K&W points. The lighter K&W Coil has the contacts for electrical connection in different places than the Model T coil. In the upper left picture the long post coming from bottom of lighter coil is <BR>"to spark plug". In upper right picture metal finger on side of lighter coil is for "battery/magneto" connection.In lower picture knurled nut on top of upper points is connection to timer. Has anyone seen this type of K&W before Or know someone who has a spare? I could adapt a regular T coil to this box but would like to keep it as original as possible.?Thanks?Michael<BR>Pictures can be seen at... <A HREF="http://home.swbell.net/mpawelek/img8.jpg" TARGET=_blank>http://home.swbell.net/mpawelek/img8.jpg</A>

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