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Texas floods


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We desperately need the rain, for sure. Lake Travis is still only at 64% full. Too many big lake houses out there drawing their water from Travis will drain it eventually.

I am fortunate to have a giant exhaust fan, a west facing 16' garage door, a 24" floor squeegee and a break in the rain for a day at least.

Houston, Wimberly and LaGrange got hammered even worse than us and the news keeps saying "historic" in Austin.

At least I still have green grass in late May...

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Mostly between the slab and cinder blocks. A little from under the garage doors. They built a McMansion within five feet of the property line which sent a lot of flow my way, in addition to the sloped roof in my direction.


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We hope all of you over in Texas come through this without serious damage or injury.


Here in the New Orleans area we are getting some of the residual, and a tornado did strike 6 miles from us last night, but we've thankfully not had the flooding. We remember what Katrina did almost ten years ago, and fully sympathize with just how damaging nature can be.

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Aye ... sorry about that nightmare ... partially caused by the McMansion.  Seems every time they build 1 of those, they don't anticipate the consequences it has for others in the area.



Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

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"Sometimes solutions aren't so simple" __ Linkin Park __ 'Shadow Of The Day'
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Mike sorry to hear of your moisture problem.     I have been on a tour with my grandson and the pictures on TV were enough for me to check daily with Nancy.   I sit pretty high and in 19 years have not had a problem and none this time.    When I left town on 5/18 I had recorded 4.5 inches since the first of the month.    Upon returning home yesterday,  the gage was almost to the top and showing 5.25 inches in 10 days....for a total of 9.75 inches this month.       I was at my daughters today (about 4 miles from me) and a tornado (or something) hit (1) house in the neighborhood, lots of damage to the roof and trees in back yard but no other houses had damage.


Our tour was at rapid pace.   Stopped at the new Bass Pro shop at the old Pyrimid in Memphis.   Wednesday we toured the Corvette assembly plant then the Corvette museum. .

Last Friday we did the ACD museum in Auburn then the National Truck museum that is behind the ACD.    Totally different presentation but both well worth the time.    As we were about to leave the Truck museum,  in came BCA members Sid & Belva Meyer who live in Auburn and volunteer at the museum.   We have been on BDE tours with them so we talked about the recent BDE tour and were on our way to stay in Ann Arbor.

Saturday we did the Ford Museum but needed to leave by 2 to catch the 4:08 start of the Detroit/Houston ball game.

Sunday we arrived at the Gilmore around 10:30 and stayed to around 2.... needed to get to downtown Chicago before dark.    Stayed with the granddaughter Sunday night then loaded her extra furniture in GMC and got out of Dodge....I mean Chicago around 3pm and made it to Edwardsville IL for the night.

Tuesday early we had the first rain for the trip but it was over by the time we crossed the Mississippi..... Arrived in Springfield MO about 12:30 and made a loop  into the Ramada Inn host hotel for next months Buick meet.    Looks like we will have plenty of room for cars etc.

Went to the Springfield Bass Pro Shop and sampled their buffet lunch,  and looked at least two of their displays (which may count as small museums)  Even if you are not a hunter or outdoorsman, the Bass Pro shop should be on you Springfield list,   I read somewhere it was 300K sq ft of store. 

I failed to mention in my first post that we stopped at the NEW Bass Pro shop in Memphis.   They renovated the old Pyramid  in Memphis that was for the basketball and hockey team.    The Memphis store is unreal.   it has a 26 story glass elevator going up the middle to a restaurant and viewing platform at the top of  the pyramid.   It also has "Lodges" around the perimeter of the 3 level,   You can stay in the same place you shop.   The indoor "marsh" is large enough there are boats on it.    Go online and check it out and make sure you stop if you are ever in Memphis. 

Later Tuesday we stopped in Bentonville  AR (Walmart headquarters) to view the "Crystal Bridges" art museum but that is the only day they are closed.  We did go to the old downtown Walmart store museum before spending the night in Fayetteville,  then cutting across the corner of Oklahoma to Texas and home.


 Drove 3126 miles.   Visited at least 8 different museums/collections


Resting and making plans for Springfield in a couple of weeks.

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I'm having similar moisture seepage and roof leak problems, but nothing more than that, thankfully. I just hope I'll be able to get the XXXX out of here (driving) in a couple of weeks when leaving for the Springfield meet, since three of the five highways that cross from Texas to Oklahoma are now closed due to high water. We have had 15 inches of rain in the month of May, and three more days to go. We have not had more than two dry days in a row since early March. There are people who work outdoors--construction workers, dirt workers, highway repair people, etc., who are really hurting, because they probably haven't been able to work for a total of two weeks since early March. I am thankful that none of my cars or property have been destroyed.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX

p.s.: the photo I posted here is water going over the emergency spillway of Lake Texoma on the OK/TX border. You can see the dam and the Red River in the distance. The water has gone over the spillway only four times since the lake was built in the early 1940s (using German prisoner of war labor to build the dam).


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Nice of you to "feel" for us with this situation you're in.  One benefit of putting them away for a while is how much more you appreciate them when you get them back out.   


I've heard it said that folks in California have a much different perspective on the old car hobby because they can drive their cars all year long.  The implication being; driving an old car is not so special.  Not sure if it's true,  but I can understand the implication.


I'd say keep your head above the water,  but that is just too literal in this case.  Sending thoughts and prayers for some Midwest sunshine!!!  Also, packing the deep woods OFF, cause it's likely Springfield will be mosquito heaven.

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WE didn't get as much rain as Dallas this morning, but my garage floor had enough leaks around the bottom to wash the floor.  Its so humid I don't know when it may dry out.  I'm just a few miles off the northwest corner of DFW airport.

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