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First Unread Thread

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If you want to go to the first unread post in a discussion, simply click on the dot or star to the left of the discussion title. That will take you to the first reply that you have not yet read.

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There used to be an option on the upper right of a thread that I could click on that brought me to the first unread thread since my last visit.

 Now I have to scroll down through the thread to see what I recognize. 

 Maybe I should reword this. I meant to say the first unread post since my last visit.  

To the left of the discussion title is the poster's avatar on my computer. 

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It sounds like you are clicking on the title of a discussion and then trying to find the first unread post. I don't think you can get directly to the first unread post by clicking on the discussion title like that.  


When I first open a forum, there is a list of discussions in that forum. Those that have been read are in a subdued color. Those in a darker color have new posts since I last visited that forum. To the left of each discussion is a dot or a star, depending on the number of posts in taht discussion. If I click directly on the dot or star, it opens the first unread discussion in that thread. I think you should see the same thing if you try it that way.  

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Glad to be able to help. The thing that helped me learn more about  how this forum software worked was to "hover" my mouse over different items on the forum. A description of what that item does pops up at the lower left hand corner of the page.

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