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'50 Special Deluxe Tourback Sedan--Bella Rosa


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I've finally been able to take some pics. of my car.  I've got a 1950 Special Deluxe Tourback Sedan w/Dynaflow.  Approx. 98k miles, if memory serves...Based on frame info., I believe it was built in Flint.  It's a latter '50 model based on the dash set-up.  Original color was Geneva Green; it's currently wearing Nason Deep Red Pearl paint.  It's still being put back together from prior owner's teardown.  I picked it up about 2 summer's ago now and have been chipping away at the basket case ever since.  Still to come will be a fresh windshield gasket, finish installing the door gaskets, cleaning of the gas tank, a new fuel line, and remounting the freshly rebuilt fuel pump (Then and Now, Weymouth, MA).  I had Scott's Speedometer rebuild the Speedo/Odo.  It now works.  Was stuck due to a broken speedo cable.  The snapped cable looked like an octopus when I finally freed it from inside the metal housing; not sure if the broken cable caused the head to seize after non functioning, or the stuck speedo. head snapped the cable.  I'm still working on re-mounting the side trim, need some clips.  I've got a lot of other parts to re-install as well.  The behind the bumper filler panels, rear Dynaflow emblems, still missing a Special emblem for front quarter, glove box and glove box door, rear seat, headliner, and will be refreshing the door panels.  I've got the air cleaner.  Took it off after she dropped dead on side of road last fall due to clogged fuel system (hence the prior mentioned fuel line fixes).  I've got the other grille teeth, one's got a bent mounting bracket.  Just bought a new dash to engine wire harness.  Can't wait to see how she runs after fresh fuel lines and new wiring!!





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