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Hi All I have been giving this some thought. If you would like I can make a list of all cars we here on the net own or have in stages of retoration. I don't think counting parts would do any good except confuse us on how many cars and Trucks are still around, I will post this on bith sites and some of the AACA sites also. I would like to get a count of the T's taht are still around and I will share the final count with anyone that wants the list.<BR>I would like you to e-mail me the information on your cars and TT <BR>year engine serial number , your name and address e-mail address and Phone number if you want. after I get the list coralated I will have the T's in this order year and type. with owner's name and address so this will be more than just a counting of T's it will also be a reference for others who are looking for help on their T in your areas. What do you think?<BR>Besides it being a big job. <P>my e-mail address is tparts@ptd.net

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