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Member rating numbers?

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Certainly not terribly important but this question was asked elsewhere and I am interested in figuring out the answer...


"I'm trying to figure out what the number under our avatars means.  I've been doing a little research on it, but couldn't find anything.  To see the one I am referring to, bring your Cursor to your forum name and a new "box" will show up.  Under your avatar will be a number in a green rectangle box.  Some of the ones I have been noticing are "0" and others are numbers that go up to "10" ??




It looks like the number is related to the number of likes that a member has received. There has to be something else reflected in this measurement though because Paul Dobbin has a red box instead of a green box and his rating number is negative 7.  Where does this number come from?

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Likes are part of it, because I just liked your post and you went from 2 to 3. I still wonder what else is involved and how in the Hell did Paul Dobbin end up with a negative number? I know that Paul can occasionally rub people the wrong way but that is crazy :) .

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I figured out what it appears to mean. If you check out Paul's profile and hover your mouse over the text in the red box, the explanation pops up that "Paul Dobbin has -6 likes."  So I guess Wayne gave him a like to get him from -7 to -6. I still want to know how he got negative likes? Sounds like something screwed up in the database somewhere... :)  


You can check out his profile here:



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