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A pair of 1926 DB Coupes

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I would think it's a pretty good chance Myers would have one.  There isn't much to it; two 90 degree bends and run a tap on the short ends. If you decide to make one I can measure the diameter (looks like ~ 0.5"), length, etc.  Yea those screw rivets worked great.

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How did you remove the dents (or did you?)  I'm doing my tank right now and decided to cut the ends off and bang out the dents.  This also allowed me to really clean it.  Soldering the ends back on tonight.

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OK. Searched for this thread and after reading it, still confused.

The only thing I'm sure of is that I don't have a split rim but a split ring (see photo).


My confusion is;

A - Is there a 'key' that holds this in?

B - Do I need a tool to remove/install it?

C - I'm sure I'll have more questions after A & B are answered.



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To avoid confusion I call them a locking ring. They are a removable edge for the rim and "lock" the tyre on. Feel around between the ends in the photo and you will find a pocket into which the edge of the ring fits.


Removal is hard work, especially when they are rusted in like that.....


Deflate the tyre. Break the bead (easier said than done on tyres that look like that!). Find two LARGE screwdrivers or similar. Large = > 15" long for me. These are sacrificial so don't use your best screwdrivers coz then they are wrecked as screwdrivers and will mess up your screws.


Insert the first screwdriver in the notch in the ring, shown in your picture. Lever the ring outwards. Insert second screwdriver between ring and rim. Lever ring outwards with 2nd s.d.


Insert the 1st s.d. left of 2nd. Lever ring outwards with 1st s.d.


And so on. Work your way round.


Once the ring is off, then the tyre... Push the valve in and attempt to remove the tyre and tube together. Don't push on the outside of the tyre, near the tread: it only bends the free bead over and makes it harder. I work on a piece of cardboard or carpet with blocks of timber under the hub etc..


Be prepared for a tough time so take your time and if you get annoyed, have a rest to calm down. Even on fresh tyres this is not easy.

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