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1965 Riviera tail light bezels


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             I have waited 7 months so far for 65 tail light bezel reproductions to get off of back order.

Does anyone know what the deal is with these parts? Did the guy who was making them die or something? Are they ever going to become available again?

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               You are a lucky dog....right after you got yours they went on eternal backorder. I ordered them from CARS 7 months ago

and they notified me a week later they were refunding my credit card as they were on backorder and they didn't know when they

would ever get any. I then tried OPGI and they stated they were on backorder with the expected date for more in 30 days. They have since moved the expected date forward seven different times and still no bezels. I wish I had ordered mine sooner, the only flaw in the

metal trim on my car is my pitted tail lamp bezels.

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