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Hard to find parts for sale 1947 - 1951 cars (1950 Champion clock)

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A few yeas ago, I sold my 1950 Champion convertible, but hung on to some really hard to find parts, as I intended to get this type of car back one day (and still do). But, I am on the back end of another restoration and decided to offer these parts as I could use the finds for the new vehicle.


So, if anyone has any use for these, please drop me a line. I have them listed on eBay, but prefer to sell direct. Please send me a message through the forum, and we can connect to discuss items and prices. 


Parts include:

1. AC-1879 1950 Champion clock; rebuilt and in excellent condition


2. Convertible window frame for 1947-1951 cars; not bad chrome, but I would have it plated and new glass


3. AC-2047 NOS windshield washer kit in original box


I've attached a few pictures, and you can also see this on eBay, user name: ttrponline









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