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For Sale 1930's Folding Luggage Rack from CM-6

Guest Robert McNeil

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Guest Robert McNeil

Have left from a 1931 Chrysler CM-6 , a Folding Luggage Rack.  This is 33 inches wide, 12 inches long, has 12 holes in the pattern.  This very light, and folds up to 6 by 6 by 33.  The bolt feet are 7.5 inches long, on 24 inch centers to fit frame support.  Has one small dent in the margin to fix.  Painted a deep copper color.  Weighs 13 post-107198-0-83936500-1432077185_thumb.post-107198-0-83936500-1432077185_thumb.post-107198-0-71518900-1432077210_thumb.post-107198-0-74429700-1432077230_thumb.post-107198-0-91015800-1432077252_thumb.post-107198-0-23866800-1432077275_thumb.lbs, hinges work smoothly, don't see any number or name on it. Asking $ 225.00  plus shipping by fed ex.  bbhmcneil@msn.com or 303 795 0203 phone in Colorado  Robert McNeil

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