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There is no "easy" way to restring the engine wiring conduits. You can probably pull the engine wires out while the spark plug wires are still in place but you would have a hellava time trying to restring them with the spark plugs wire still in place. The accepted way to do this job is to pull everything out of the conduits, pull the engine wires( generator, ignition, overdrive and temperature)into the conduit first then pull in the spark plug wires. That left conduit gets real "snug" so be sure to use 7 mm spark plug wire.

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Guest 65Starfire

Trim the end of the old wire and strip back 1" of insulation.  Solder the new wire to the old and apply some wire lube (get it from Home Depot).  Gently pull the old wire out and the new will follow.  Take your time and if it gets stuck just pull it back a bit to spread the lube.  Cut off the old wire and strip a new section.  Be patient.  If the wire breaks you may be able to pull 2 wires with one in the same technique...


Good luck and post some pics of the process...

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spray silicone into the area. remove a plug wire from the area to provide some wiggle room, and work them out...

I believe that between the spray and the exit of a wire or two, you can avoid other damage to the remaining wires...

(I hate to say it, but I would replace all of 'em while its apart..they my last set lasted 25 years)

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