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1930 Buick steering box


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I have a 1930 Buick model 57 with a lot of slop in the steering box.  I'm hoping someone out there might have suggestions on how to eliminate excessive play in the steering box.  With the wheels pointed straight ahead, I have about a quarter turn of slop in the steering wheel, before the pitman arm begins to move.  


It is a stressful chore trying to keep in in within the lane when driving and therefore a rather unpleasant experience.   I have no knowledge on how the worm gear adjustment functions, but suspect that is what needs to be done to resolve the problem.  It would be a great help if someone could provide some input or maybe some photos on the internal mechanics of the steering box, so I can make the needed adjustments and make it a more comfortable driving experience.


Tim York  BCA #32988

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Steering Boxes usually have a bolt and lock nut for an adjustment. Usually on the backside of where the pitman arm comes out. Unlock the locking nut and turn it in. When you start to feel resistance, back it off a little. About 1/4th of a turn and lock the lock nut. Jack the front end up so the wheels are not touching the ground. Steer the car left and right. If you feel it get tight in the extreme left and right positions, but not in the middle, you have a worn steering box. Also, while it is jacked up, look at all the connecting points and anything that is bolted/ clamped. It may be as simple as a loose bolt in the pitman arm. Or you could also have worn tie rod ends or King pins that need to renewed and re-bushed. Every joint that moves is suspect until proven otherwise. Dandy Dave!   

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