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I Was Hoping For A We Are Here Thread...

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...From the TC Nationals in Reno.  I've missed a couple years in a row now and thought this year I had a real shot at it :)   But alas, being self employed has it's challenges.  I *thought* I had an associate that could cover the clients while I was away but when two of my best clients come to me and say, 'you know, we would rather have YOU here than that guy' :o   If they are dissatisfied, they would likely move their business. Then I wouldn't have the money to attend.  Vicious circle I tell ya...  So, any updates/stories/pics from the lucky ones that *did* go?

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Hi there Twin Cam, I did attend and it was a good turnout. We misses seeing you and hope you can attend next year in the Carmell area. The weather did not cooperate but we hardly missed a beat.

I dropped in at the Silver State Classic Challenge in Ely on the way and did my thing as Course Worker Sunday morning, then on to Reno for the TC America meet.

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