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For Sale - 64 Wildcat 2 door hardtop


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64 Wildcat 2 door hardtop, 401 V-8, automatic, power steering and power brakes, pale yellow with a white top and white bucket seat interior, chrome road wheels, good floors and frame, runs and drives but needs a complete restoration. Could be driven daily as is with a little maintenance. This car has been off the road for a few years. Great car to restore. Located in Kansas City, $4500 obo. randall.fortuna@multiplan.com 816 509 1211.








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The new Forum arrangement, I thinks, is a HUGE

disadvantage to someone selling or buying a car here.

If a person is looking at the Buy-Sell listings,

the photos aren't displayed unless he is logged in.

Instead, he just sees a listing of file names--and

he can't open them either!


If a prospective buyer doesn't have a Forum account,

he can't possibly see your pictures.

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At my age, in Florida, or even during the summer in Virginia, if I'm going to drive a car, I want one with A/C.  I have a couple of 39 Buicks without A/C and I don't get to use them as much as I like anymore.  As to aftermarket period under dash air, where do you get all of the parts.  I have one, but no brackets, defunct compressor, the radiator in from of the radiator (whatever that is called) is for a late 60's Plymouth.  Probably the simplest thing to do is go down to Vintage Air in Tampa and get one of their units. For a price they can make the stuff. Of course they can also rebuild the under dash unit and then hook it up to all of their other parts, so they say.


I'll be in Independence, MO in a couple of weeks.  This car is tempting.  But, I don't like what he says about it needing work to be a dependable driver.  That could mean anything.


I am sort of looking for a 1976 or 1977 Century or Regal coupe as a driver.  They have all the right stuff for a driver without inventing it. But, this is a beautiful car.

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