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Trimming Rubber Floor Mat FF36 from Bob's in My 1936 Roadmaster 80C


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Has any One installed one of these rubber floor mats from Bob's. I need to know the does and doesn't in doing this. I'm putting this in My 1936 Buick Roadmaster Pheaton 80C. I just hope someone had some knowledge in how I should start trimming this so it will fit properly. It has No hole for the Floor Shifter or the Gas Petal. How should it be trimmed it at the door ( thresholds ) opening. This one of the last things to do before heading to the AACA Central Spring Meet in Independence,Mo. and the Buick Nationals in Springfield,Mo. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Bud Ensor

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I have not installed a mat from Bob's, but the only way I know of to do a job like this is to set the new mat aside, and make a template of the floor area out of a heavy paper.  You can use several pieces of paper, overlap them to make it easy, and tape them together on the floor to cover the whole area.  Cut the holes for the shifter, pedals, etc, and if you make a mistake just add a new piece of paper and do it over.


When you have the template perfect just lift it out and place it on the rubber mat and mark the cutout locations for trimming.

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